Exotic Traditional Indian Living Room and Bedroom Furniture Design by La Maison Coloniale


The culture of India is very hefty, brought abroad by Indian merchantmen from about thousands of century. It usually been related to bright colors, scents, musics and dances that give strong influence while designing furniture. La Maison Coloniale has introduced a magical furniture collection named "Fragrance of the India. These unique furniture collection below echos Indian culture and tradition, departs you to an exotic land in your home. The interiors have been decorated very distinctive and inspiring. Each exclusive furniture pieces is handcrafted and customized in respect to ancient Indian traditions. Exotic Traditional and Ancient Indian Living Room and Bedroom Furniture Design by La Maison Coloniale


colorful traditional ancient India living room L shaped sofa woven decorative carpets


passionate red traditional Indian engraved doors furniture design idea


traditional unique ancient red living room design wooden bookshelves bench decorative carpet


white modern traditional Indian unique bedroom design decor woven chair


white wooden woven Indian traditional handcrafted indian living room design

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